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My name is Ali Abbas Khorasani, but you can call me Ali. I am a proud Leftist Progressive with a background in chemistry and engineering and I have been passionate about social justice and community engagement throughout my life. After years organizing and volunteering at homeless breakfasts, interfaith engagement events, and senior center holiday concerts I realized that something more substantial needs to be done to help our fellow Americans. For this reason, I decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives to provide a new face, new energy, and new ideas to Congress. I am running for the Democratic nomination for TX-02 and currently collecting petition signatures to secure my place on the ballot.

I am not a lawyer, business exec, or career politician, and for that exact reason I believe I can affect change in our country that helps everyone. With my engineering background, I am acutely adept at problem solving, and as a chemist I understand empiricism and peer-review. More important than all that, though, is that I am a good listener, and I firmly believe that our Democracy is by, for, and of the PEOPLE. Before considering any political buzz-words, corporate jargon, etc., my primary concern is that the well being of our poorest and our middle class Americans is provided for by our government. I believe politics is about the many, not the few, and that we can work together to give everyone a fair shot.

If elected, I will be younger than any incumbent Congressperson and finally bring a voice to Generation Y. I will bring my facts-based scientific background and troubleshooting experience to the House floor and be the change Americans wish to see.

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