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Our Revolution Texas
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Our Revolution Harris County Chapter
Houston Democratic Socialists of America
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Kim Bertrand:

I support Ali Khorasani for Texas Congressional District 2 because he represents people like me. We’re frustrated, sometimes dumbfounded, by the decisions of elected representatives who’ve lost touch with the needs of working class people.

Some of us are young. Some of us are old. Some of us are religious and others secular. Some of us are working class ourselves, and others are sympathetic to our plight. All of us are united in one conviction: change begins with electing rational, scientifically-minded progressive candidates like Mr. Khorasani.

He has my full support and endorsement.

Amy and Dennis Bakken

Diane Westfall

Ali Khorasani is my choice for TX-2. He is articulate, highly intelligent, ethical, open minded, and genuinely interested in representing the interests of all people in District 2.

Tony Lewis

Ali Khorasani is a brilliant and Good man. A scientist who cares about All Americans and about bringing America’s head out of the sand. He is a progressive with a wonderfully open mind, very capable of reaching across the aisle and considering the concerns of rural and urban, natives and immigrants, minorities and majorities.


Kathia Paredes

Ali is not your stereotypical politician running for Congress; he is a minority who cares about everyone, a millennial fighting for a better future, and a scientist ready to change Congress. What more could you ask for in a candidate?

Matt Crow

If you get the opportunity, please look at Mr. Khorasani’s FB page, where he clearly outlines his stance on a multitude of issues. I agree with him on just about all of his points, and will be supporting him in opposition to Ted Poe in the next election.

Zaid Ahmed

Kelsey Heath

Steph Ly

Melanie Salinas Jackson

Topher Voorhees

Jennifer Robards Caldwell

William Young

Ceci Blake

Justin Bailey